Is Utah State’s Student Section Number 1?

Utah State Student SectionEamonn Brennan and Dana O’Neil from have recently written an article asking fans to let them know who has the best student section in the nation.

San Diego State’s “The Show” has provided them an overwhelming response including this writeup on their official site as well as a boat load of tweets.

Aggie fans, it’s time to let them know that the Utah State Student Section is for real. Here’s some ammunition to aid in your tweets and campaigns:

Eamonn Brennan – @eamonnbrennan
Dana O’Neil – @dgoneil1


After playing (and losing) in Logan two years ago Wichita State’s coach Greg Marshall had this to say:

Utah State has 4000 student tickets and they make some type of impression on the visiting team and it’s just a party. It is one heck of a party. It’s the best I’ve ever seen. In many, many years I’ve been at Duke and Kentucky and UConn and Syracuse and it’s clearly the best I’ve ever seen in terms of atmosphere.

In an Andy Katz (ESPN) piece from earlier this year, former University of Utah Coach Rick Majerus had this to say:

“It’s the toughest place to play,” said Saint Louis coach Rick Majerus, who coached Utah against Utah State every season of his tenure there and played at the Spectrum every other year. “I’ve been to Duke. I’ve been to the Pit. I’ve been to Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue, Arizona and around the country. I know the dynamic may change since it’s Utah-Utah State.

“It’s not mean-spirited, it’s not like you’re going to get hit with a hot dog or anything. I went to Oakland Raider games. Utah State has an Oakland Raider mentality without the knives and guns.”

Majerus didn’t stop there.

“It’s the only show in town,” he said. “The fans sit right behind you. The arena is really tough. It’s difficult to get to. You have to fly into Salt Lake City and drive in the winter on this treacherous drive that’s like a driveway to death.

Former BYU player, and current Boston Celtics scout Austin Ainge had this to say about the Spectrum:

“I have scouted and played all over the country, and Utah State is the most hostile home-court advantage I have been to. I loved playing there. Utah State-BYU has been more hostile and heated than Utah-BYU in the last 10 years.”

YouTube videos:

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  1. I don’t have any video links, but there was the water bomb against UNLV, the multiple toilet paper games, etc. Also, don’t forget the home record under Stew. It includes multiple escapes (Boise and Northwestern St (BB game) come to mind).

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