Utah State Basketball 2016-17 Pictorial Roster

Shane RectorJalen MooreJulion PearreKoby McEwen

It’s that time of year again! Time to try and piece together the team for the upcoming basketball season! We’ve done just that at USUStats.com with our annual “Pictorial Roster“. We’ve got 10 new comers to this team, so there are a lot of new faces to get to know this year. Check it out by clicking below, and feel free to post questions, comments, or predictions on any of the players you see on the roster.

2016-17 Utah State Basketball Pictorial Roster

Also feel free to reminisce and check out the rosters from past seasons by changing the season in the drop down box at the top of the page (once you click the link above).

Former Aggies With Shot To Win $2 Million

Utah Stallions LogoSeveral former Utah State basketball players have teamed up as the “Utah Stallions” in an effort to become eligible to compete in “The Basketball Tournament (TBT)” later this year for a chance at a $2 Million dollar prize, or one of many other prizes.

TBT is an open-application basketball tournament that includes 5-on-5 single elimination games. This year’s prize money has doubled from last year, and will be $2,000,000 to the winning team.

The Utah Stallions Currently Consist of the Following Players:

Preston Medlin
Spencer Butterfield
Nate Bendall
Jordan Stone
Grayson Moore
Sean Harris
Danny Berger
John Berger

Each team needs at least 200 fan votes to become eligible, and the Utah Stallions are not quite there yet! They need our help to move up the ranking and ensure they will be chosen to participate. To vote for them follow these steps:

1 – Click on this link: https://www.thetournament.com/teams/utah-stallions-utah-state-alumni?type=fan&f=57070a3573aaf208400393

2 – Click on the Orange square in the top right that says “Click Here To Become A Fan @ Vote For This Team”.

3 – Register to vote by filling out the form.

4 – Validate your email address to confirm your vote.

That’s it! Let’s help these former Aggies get eligible to compete!

There is also one other former Aggie competing on a different team. Former Aggie Point Guard Kris Clark will be competing for TeamBDB. Each fan can vote for multiple teams, so cast your vote for Kris’s team by clicking this link: https://www.thetournament.com/teams/teambdb?type=fan&f=57070a3573aaf20840039

Go Aggies!

The Bangarang – 2014 Football Edition

Football Season is finally here! And while the first game wasn’t exactly what any of us expected or wanted to see, the Aggies still have a full season ahead of them. Coming up next are the Idaho State Bengals who come to town this Saturday for the first home game of the season!

Get out and support our team, and while you are at it look for one of 10,000 copies of The Bangarang – 2014 Football Edition that will be distributed to the crowd. The Bangarang Crew has come up with a few new traditions that will be introduced this year and the newsletter will fill you in on some game day tips that can help create a great atmosphere, help you have a great experience, and most importantly, help the Aggies win!

The Bangarang – Wyoming Edition

As the five Aggie seniors hit the floor tonight against Wyoming, let’s send them off in style with a Spectrum environment that they will remember. Spencer Butterfield, Preston Medlin, Jarred Shaw, TeNale Roland, and Sean Harris deserve it for the all blood, sweat, and tears they have put in to this basketball program. For a preview of the game and some good ammunition against Wyoming check out the latest Bangarang Issue.

The Bangarang – UNLV Edition

It’s been a long time coming, but the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels are making their return to the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum this afternoon. And the HURD will be ready for them. This game marks the renewal of a long time rivalry from the Big West era. While these games were known for many fights, shenanigans, and pranks, the biggest of all was definitely the “Water Bomb” incident in 1990. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, check out the video below.

It’s time to renew this rivalry. Head over to The Bangarang Page, and download the latest issue to be ready for the game!

The Bangarang – USC Edition

Any Utah State fan that’s been a fan for a few years knows all about a little something we like to call “The Refraction“. Well, with some guidance from the geniuses that put together that unofficial gameday newsletter, we now have a second generation of chaos creators.

May I present to you, The Bangarang. A Season Preview Issue was created for the second exhibition contest against Adams State last week, and Issue 1 is now live for the first game of the season against USC.

Head on over to The Bangarang and download your copy now!

2014 Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament Brackets

MWC Tournament LogoThe Mountain West Conference announced the 2014 Basketball Tournament format and schedule yesterday. With a little help from ProvoAggie at USUFans.com, we now have actual brackets of both the Men’s and Women’s tournaments as well (see below).

The tournament will be held from March 10-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada at UNLV’s home stadium, the Thomas and Mack Center. The format of both tournaments will consist of three opening round games played by the #6-11 seeds. The winners of those games will advance to face the #1, #2, and #3 seeds in the quarterfinals. The women will open play on Monday March 10th and will play their quarterfinals games on Tuesday March 11th before waiting until Friday to start the semifinals. The Men will play their opening round games on Wednesday March 12, and continue each day until the conference championship game on Saturday.

Men’s Tournament Bracket || PDF Format
2014 MWC Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket

Women’s Tournament Bracket || PDF Format
2014 MWC Women's Basketball Tournament Bracket

Full Schedule:

Session #1

Game #1 2:00 p.m. #8 Women’s Seed vs. #9 Women’s Seed
Game#2 4:30 p.m. #7 Women’s Seed vs. #10 Women’s Seed
Game #3 7:00 p.m. #6 Women’s Seed vs. #11 Women’s Seed

Session #2

Game #4 12 noon #1 Women’s Seed vs. Game #1 Winner
Game #5 2:30 p.m. #4 Women’s Seed vs. #5 Women’s Seed

Session #3
Game #6 6:00 p.m. #2 Women’s Seed vs. Game #2 Winner
Game #7 8:30 p.m. #3 Women’s Seed vs. Game #3 Winner

Session #4

Game #8 2:00 p.m. #8 Men’s Seed vs. #9 Men’s Seed
Game #9 4:30 p.m. #7 Men’s Seed vs. #10 Men’s Seed
Game #10 7:00 p.m. #6 Men’s Seed vs. #11 Men’s Seed

Session #5

Game #11 12 noon #1 Men’s Seed vs. Game #8 Winner
Game #12 2:30 p.m. #4 Men’s Seed vs. #5 Men’s Seed

Session #6
Game #13 6:00 p.m. #2 Men’s Seed vs. Game #9 Winner
Game #14 8:30 p.m. #3 Men’s Seed vs. Game #10 Winner

Session #7

Game #15 12 noon Game #4 Winner vs. Game #5 Winner
Game #16 2:30 p.m. Game #6 Winner vs. Game #7 Winner

Session #8
Game #17 6:00 p.m. Game #11 Winner vs. Game #12 Winner
Game #18 8:30 p.m. Game #13 Winner vs. Game #14 Winner

Session #9

Game #19 TBD Women’s Championship Game
Game #20 TBD . Men’s Championship Game