A Closer Look at Riley Bradshaw

Riley Bradshaw

After a long recruiting process the Utah State Basketball coaching staff must be very pleased to have received a verbal agreement from Riley Bradshaw.  Riley is widely considered to be the top recruit from the state of Montana for the class of 2012 and has been dominating the basketball scene there for the past three years.

Riley, a 6’2″ guard, will be a senior at Corvallis High School next year and plans to join the Aggies for the 2012-13 season.  He will be coming in along-side current Utah high school standouts Marcel Davis and Quincy Bair of American Fork High School.  Other 2012-13 commits include 6’9″ PF 220lb Casey Oliverson (Sky View High School, UT) and 6’2″ 165lb G Corey Calvert (Chaparral High School, CO) both of whom are expected to serve LDS missions and officially join the team in the 2014-15 season.

With Marcel Davis coming in to fill the vacated point guard spot it is widely believed that Riley will be used as a combo guard, or exclusively as a shooting guard.

Riley played AAU ball for the Utah Select last year along side current Aggie recruit Tyler Ott which probably gave the Utah State coaching staff a good look at his game.

Here’s a video blog from FiveStarBasketball.com created on May 5th where Riley talks about his commitment to Utah State and plans for AAU ball for this coming year with Idaho Select:

Here are a couple of youtube videos for your enjoyment:

and just for fun:

2 thoughts on “A Closer Look at Riley Bradshaw

  1. casey oliverson is being reevaluated, not even close to 6’9″ More like 6’5 1/2 or at best 6’6″. Casey is a great kid and a very good bball player, he will have a much better coach next year, kirk hillyard is the new coach…he is a stew morrill disciple if there ever was one. Then we can see how good he is. Hopefully he can live up to the hype but need a big year to do so

  2. Casey Oliverson is 6’8″ bare foot. AAU Team Utah Addidas Pump and Run official measurement. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t post it.

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