Utah State Basketball Pictorial Roster 2011-12

Brockeith PaneBrady JardineAntonio BumpusPreston MedlinJordan Stone
It’s that time of year again! Time to try and piece together the team for the upcoming basketball season! We’ve done just that at USUStats.com with our annual “Pictorial Roster“. Check it out by clicking below, and feel free to post questions, comments, or predictions on any of the players you see on the roster.

2011-12 Utah State Basketball Pictorial Roster

Also feel free to reminisce and check out the rosters from past seasons by changing the season in the drop down box at the top of the page (once you click the link above).

2 thoughts on “Utah State Basketball Pictorial Roster 2011-12

  1. This is awesome! One thing I notice is that Utah State is getting a lot longer. The team’s average is 65.88 inches in height this year, or 6’5″ and 4/5… Basically 6’6″. Compare this to Pac-12 University of Utah’s roster which averages 6’2″ 1/2.

    Last year, Utah State’s roster averaged a sold 6’5″ if 7’1″ Leland Miller was included in the average. Since he never saw any playing time, if taken out of the average, USU’s 2010-2011 average drops t0 6’4″ 1/2. In summary, we’ve added about an inch and a half of length.

  2. Sterling,
    Thanks for the comment!

    Yes, it is probably best to leave Leland Miller out of the equation since he was not even with the team at the start of the season. I just didn’t get around to removing his photo once the season was underway last year.

    There is definitely a trend showing up with recruiting taller players. This is confirmed with the recent recruitment of Jalen Moore who is a 6’7″ wing.

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