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The are Aggie fans, and there are AGGIE FANS. Our good friend Matt “Fafner” Sonnenberg definitely falls into the second category. After spending several years sitting on the front row of Section F in the Spectrum (also known as “The Bullpen”), Fafner has graduated and moved on. Luckily for us, he’s still a rabid Aggie fan, and has created a blog!

Fafner was the main force behind several amazing endeavors at Utah State. When he wasn’t writing new issues of The Refraction or The Bull Sheet, he was coming up with new and amazing ways to coordinate the chaos in the Spectrum and at Romney Stadium. Here are a couple of the by-products of that effort:

Head on over to the new blog and check out the latest Aggie news, all written in a familiar style by an Aggie legend!

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