Aggie Students: A Call To Arms!!

Cutting the nets after 4th Straight WAC TitleOur good friends over at The Sagebrush Spot have written another great article on Spectrum Magic and have pulled an all-nighter to provide us with one of the most EPIC Aggie Basketball videos ever made. But before we get to that, let me just say this….

Aggie Students, It’s Time! Time to forget about the apology letter. Time to forget about the miscommunication and ridiculous (non-existent) “new rules”. Time to come out with a VENGEANCE on Tuesday night against Utah Valley University. This team is lacking some confidence and leadership right now and the best 6th man in the country needs to bring it full force and provide that for them. The Spectrum has risen to unprecedented heights over the last several years. ESPN has announced us as one of the best atmostpheres in college basketball. And many coaches that have brought their teams to the slaughter house have gone one step further. After playing (and losing) in Logan two years ago Wichita State’s coach Greg Marshall had this to say:

Utah State has 4000 student tickets and they make some type of impression on the visiting team and it’s just a party. It is one heck of a party. It’s the best I’ve ever seen. In many, many years I’ve been at Duke and Kentucky and UConn and Syracuse and it’s clearly the best I’ve ever seen in terms of atmosphere.

In an Andy Katz (ESPN) piece from earlier this year, former University of Utah Coach Rick Majerus had this to say:

“It’s the toughest place to play,” said Saint Louis coach Rick Majerus, who coached Utah against Utah State every season of his tenure there and played at the Spectrum every other year. “I’ve been to Duke. I’ve been to the Pit. I’ve been to Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue, Arizona and around the country. I know the dynamic may change since it’s Utah-Utah State.

“It’s not mean-spirited, it’s not like you’re going to get hit with a hot dog or anything. I went to Oakland Raider games. Utah State has an Oakland Raider mentality without the knives and guns.”

Majerus didn’t stop there.

“It’s the only show in town,” he said. “The fans sit right behind you. The arena is really tough. It’s difficult to get to. You have to fly into Salt Lake City and drive in the winter on this treacherous drive that’s like a driveway to death.

Many players on this year’s team, as well as recruits that have committed to become Aggies in future years have committed to Utah State for one reason. SPECTRUM MAGIC. Let’s give it to them like never before and make this year’s basketball season unforgettable!

And now for the video… Enjoy!

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