Aggie Basketball Is Upon Us!

Stew Morrill watches as the team participates in their first full practice of the season

It’s been a while since we’ve had a basketball-related post on here, but I figure it’s about time to catch up.

Here’s what’s happened since we last chatted:

1 – The 2012-13 Summer Prospectus was finally released giving us lots of good info on the upcoming season.

2 – Practice has begun. There is a good writeup on the Official Site with quotes from Coach Morrill, and Preston Medlin. The consensus? Everyone is excited. We’ve got a lot of new faces, and a lot of potential, but no one knows exactly what to expect at this point. It sounds like Stew is excited to see how the pieces will fit this year.

3 – The team photos have been taken and the Pictorial Roster has been updated with the new pics! Not only were the pics updated, but for the first time since this site has existed, there was no shrinkage on the basketball team. And no, I’m not talking about George Costanza shrinkage. I’m talking about the Utah State University height shrinkage phenomenon that we have had for the last several years. Every year recruits and sometimes even current players shave an inch or two off of their height when they receive their official listings.

So what changed from last year to this year? Two players put on some weight. Ben Clifford added 5 pounds to weigh in at 220, and Danny Berger put on THIRTY POUNDS. Can this be right? Last year he was listed at 6-6, 175. This year he’s at 6-6, 205. From what I hear, Danny has really been tearing it up this off-season on the court, so I can only expect that this is good weight.

With practice underway, the team will have a full week to try to learn some plays and get ready for the annual Blue-White scrimmage in the Spectrum.

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