New Aggie Podcast: The Front Row Show

Bull LogoAggie fans everywhere rejoice! Our good friend Matt “Fafner” Sonnenberg over at The Sagebrush Spot, and two other die hard Aggie fanatics, Jeff Browning and Josh McDonald have teamed up to put together the greatest Aggie-related podcast ever known to man: The Front Row Show.

I’ve listened to their first 5 episodes and enjoyed them thoroughly. I created a Front Row Show page on that will archive all of the episodes in MP3 format for your downloading and listening pleasure. You can also subscribe to their podcast on iTunes or visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the latest two episodes for a full preview of the upcoming basketball season, and an exclusive interview with the voice of the Aggies, Al Lewis. Go back further into the archives to hear game recaps from our first two basketball scrimmages and last two or three football games, including a guest appearance by Charlie Riddle, a current Bull Pen front row fan and whiteboard insult composer extraordinaire.

Give it a listen! You will be glad you did. I guarantee it.

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